You Can't Handle The Truth!

The issue in today's society: we edit ourselves as blameless and look for a platform instead of seeing ourselves as sinners in need of a Savior.

If our thoughts were made public, we would be embarrassed to get behind any platform and criticize anything/anyone.  But our thoughts aren't made public, and people can't see the raw us, the real jacked-up us.  Instead, we edit our lives and put on shows for people; we take the horror stories that are playing in our minds and edit them to fit our audience.  We all think horrific thoughts and many hold these thoughts captive to ensure they don’t materialize into actions or words.  We have become movie editors and producers in our lives and work diligently to show everyone only the scenes that we want to show them.  In fact, anytime we speak we should precede it with a public service announcement, "this production was edited and produced for public broadcast."

Could you imagine if the whole world stopped editing and producing what we were thinking?  98% of babies would be called ugly (because most of them are), married men would be informing their wives of every gorgeous girl that walked by, and wives would be telling their husbands how mediocre their sex lives are. 

We don’t judge based on thoughts only because the outcome will prove we are all sinful.  Because we are all sinful and we know it, we have created man-made evaluation systems based on actions to make us feel better about ourselves; the man-made evaluation system that we pick to judge the actions of others will always ensure that we feel good about our own actions.  And that’s why we get defensive when our evaluation system gets questioned—don’t tell me that my grading scale is wrong because I use it to judge myself.

I love the story in Matthew 23:27 when Jesus confronted religious leaders who were editing their lives and judging others based on their evaluating system.  "Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites!  You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean."  God sees right through our edited versions and knows just how wicked we are.  God made a decision to not judge us based on thoughts because we would all fail.  He doesn’t even judge us based on actions because He knows that most of them are edited and produced.  However, He judges use based on our ability to understand that we can’t manufacture holiness (we need a Savior).

The truth is we all want full acceptance for who we are, but we don’t even fully accept ourselves. The you that makes up you is everything about you, including your thoughts. But we can’t live out every thought that we think because it would be dangerous for everyone. Instead, we run around like hypocrites pretending that we are blameless:

  • We want freedom of speech but hold captive our thoughts.

  • We cry equality but rank our thoughts.

  • We want peace but war rages within our thoughts.

  • We want justice for actions but not for our thoughts.

I’m in agreement with Paul in Romans 3:10. “There is no one righteous, not even one…” But I know we will continue to use a man-made scale and weigh our righteousness based on actions. We will neglect to see what’s going on in our minds and continue to produce snippets of the real us. Maybe that’s why God mostly works through people who are outwardly messed up; the "good" people are busy producing their own plays, and God is just looking for characters who will play Jesus.

We all need to take ownership in what we have created in Society. We all are hypocrites standing on platforms that don't match up with our sinful minds. We need to stop looking to Washington and look to the cross because that's our only hope.

written by: mark bland