Earth is currently spinning humanity and 352 quintillion gallons of water around at a rate of 1,000 mph—while orbiting a massive ball of fire that is approximately 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. But enough about the small things, we need to focus on the November elections and how it can impact our lives...
If you added up all the things that we can’t control and compare them to the things we think we can control, you would be amazed at how out of control we are—our perspective is jacked up. The truth is we focus on the impacts of our generation and our kid’s generation, but God’s focus goes beyond what our minds can even imagine. Sometimes God operates in a perspective that will benefit humanity 100-1,000 years down the road; what we perceive as the worst case scenario might be the best choice for mankind when we look at from God’s perspective. A perfect example of this is Jesus dying on the cross. Can you imagine if Facebook was around at the time Jesus was crucified? What were people thinking at that moment? How did the future look on that day?

I would be willing to bet that people were running around on that day and criticizing those with different viewpoints. Followers of Jesus were probably stunned with feelings of an uncertain future and yelling at those who crucified Jesus. The people who crucified Jesus probably thought they just killed a man who was an imposter and mocked Jesus’s followers as they walked away from doing their job. But while everyone was running around in chaos, God was creating a story that was beautiful beyond anyone’s imagination.
I can’t describe how it’s possible for God to grant us complete freedom and then somehow use our mistakes to write a story that benefits us. It was a mistake to crucify Jesus, but He erased our sins because of it. It was a mistake that Paul killed Christians, but God used Paul’s passionate personality to spread the word of Christ. It was a mistake that King David cheated with another man’s wife, but God picked Bathsheba to be in the lineage of Jesus. Even when we are out of control, God somehow becomes in control for our benefit.
God’s ability to be a perfect Father and keep us on track doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t strive to do what's right. We need to vote. We need to voice our opinions. And we need to stand up for our rights. But we shouldn’t limit God’s power by believing that a Republican or a Democrat in office is going to make or break humanity. Our hope needs to be in God, and we should have faith that God is looking upon us with a perspective that is unimaginable to our thinking—the things that seem wrong today could be our greatest blessing in the future.  
The reason we become so passionate during election time is that we believe the lie that we are somehow in control. We may have the freedom to write a few pages, but the story belongs to God. The current story (Bible) He has published talks about good leaders, bad leaders, and faithful leaders. There should be reassurance in knowing that God has used all types of leaders to further His Kingdom.

written by: mark bland