Why God Is Probably A Cleveland Browns Fan

God has a history of using the foolish things of this world to shame the wise.

No one was amazed that the Patriots won this year's Super Bowl. The media talked about Tom Brady's throwing precision and Bill Belichick's coaching, and everyone understood that human talent won the game. However, could you imagine if the Cleveland Browns took home the Lombardi Trophy in February?  It would have been the 2nd greatest miracle in life, other than the resurrection.

Many of us can relate with the Browns: year after year we show up, but we don't measure up. The Browns settle for the 1st pick of the draft, and we settle for an end of year tax return. Both give temporary hope, but that hope is gone within months after we each realize we made bad financial decisions and the money is gone.

However, there is hope when you read the Bible and find that God seeks out the "Browns" of this world. Why? It could be because God wants all signs to point to Him and ensure that human talent doesn't get the credit. When God decided to speak to the people, He sent a man with a speech impediment, Moses.  When God wanted to spread the Gospel of Jesus, He picked 12 disciples that would've probably had a hard time passing a background check.  The reality is that God doesn't look at our resume with the same standards we look at it, and there is tremendous hope in that.

There is undeniable proof, based on scripture, that God would likely be a Browns fan.  He wouldn't be looking for the most talented team so that talent could get the credit; He seems to favor the team that would have people saying, "It must be God."  If you have spent many seasons of your life with a losing record too, then 1st Corinthians 4:27 should give you hope.  "But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong."

So, with that said, congratulations to the Cleveland Browns for their current record of 1-15.  They may be in last place in regards to NFL standings, but they are in the best place of not allowing pride to get in the way of their relationship with God. And if God ever needs a Super Bowl won to glorify His name, He would undoubtedly do it through the Cleveland Browns.  

written by: mark bland