What a Blessing for the One King Sports Ministry!

Where Is The Land? One King Sports will be entering into a lease agreement for 4 acres of land adjacent to Horizons Church Lost Creek Campus. We will be leasing 4 acres of land for our facility and have the use of Horizons Church parking lot.

What does this facility mean for One King Sports? This means the expansion of sports ministry into others areas. We currently have a thriving basketball league and plan on launching One King Flag Football & Cheer in the fall of 2016.

  • Expand our Growing Basketball League (currently 300 kids)
  • Creates an Indoor practice environment for our New Flag Football & Cheer League
  • Expand into a NEW Volleyball League
  • Expand into a NEW Indoor Soccer League
  • Host sports specific clinics & tournaments
  • Host regional Christian leadership conferences and training seminars

These expansions will allow One King Sports the opportunity to impact more children and their families. Provide One King Sports a bigger audience to minister to and more opportunities for Christian leaders to grow and develop.

How is One King Sports different from other sports leagues? One King Sports is focused on the fundamentals of sports and the character of those participating.  One King Sports uses athletics as a vehicle in spreading the word of Christ’s teachings. 

  • Halftime Testimonies  
  • Prayer Before Games
  • Coach Led Prayer at Practices
  • Scripture Discussions with Teams at Practice  

Who Is One King Sports partnering with to Build? We are partnering with MSES Consultants for this project.

How are we funding this construction? The revenue that One King Sports generates from our leagues will not be able to fully fund this facility.  We currently are organizing a fundraising event called the One King Mud Run. One King Sports will also be embarking on a capital campaign to secure donations and grants from the community. The estimated cost of this endeavor is 1.8 Million Dollars.  If you or your organization would like to support the efforts of One King Sports, donations can be made at our webpage www.onekingsports.org.