It’s not fun playing against a stacked team. I’m talking about a team that doesn’t have any weaknesses and even on a bad day they are still above average. Sure,  it’s exciting leading up to the challenge because you get this feeling that maybe you could take them. You know it’s an impossibility, but your mind begins to daydream about what it would be like to win. You psych yourself up for the challenge and burst out of the locker room to take on Goliath. But reality soon sets in. It’s late in the 2nd quarter, and you’re down by 33. What’s the use? Why even try anymore? You find out that the game you were excited about only highlights the fact that you don’t measure up to the competition. You put up your hands in surrender and decide it’s not worth the pain. You realize that your existence on the court only highlights your weaknesses and exemplifies your opponent’s strengths. 

Can you imagine how exhausting it would be to find yourself going up against a stacked team every week? Would you throw in the towel after a few games? In complete transparency... Me too. 

I love Christian people, but some Christians wear me out-and I’m a Christian too. There is a misconception that accepting Jesus into your life propels you past hard times, crazy thoughts, and sinful desires. The new standard for some Christians is that once you’ve read your Bible, you become part of God’s Dream Team-praying for others that are weaker than you. I can understand why new believers get overwhelmed in the early years of their faith, and why nonbelievers cringe at the site of a Christian bumper sticker that reads, “Are you following Jesus this close?” 

Can you imagine how fast God’s Kingdom would grow if the Christian community were just honest about our walk with Christ? Instead of saying I’ll pray for you, we should start saying me too. You struggle with sin? Me too. You question your faith sometimes? Me too. You lost your mind on your kids this week? Me too! You almost throat-punched someone from cutting you off while driving? Me too.

Jesus didn’t call us only to portray the good characteristics in our lives. We need to stop putting our best player up against our opponents weakest; it’s unfair and exhausting for those new to the faith or not part of it. Jesus was tempted, mocked, beaten, tortured, and then crucified on a cross. Either God is a horrible story maker, or He wanted Jesus to be able to look at His people and say Me too! Were you afraid? Me too. Did someone say something bad about you? Me too. Unfair things happened to you? Me too. 

I believe we would increase church attendance if we replaced the welcome committee (the hand shakers) with me too people. Some people don’t want a nice smile and a handshake. They want to see that you have been battling the same devil they have been dealing with. And if you aren't battling the devil... You aren't living for Jesus.  

I’m not saying that we need to start telling everyone how jacked up we are-many already know without us telling them. We just need to be real. It’s okay to be ten years into following Jesus and still fall short sometimes. It’s okay not to be okay. However, it’s not okay to stay that way. Jesus died so we could be set free from sin. That doesn’t mean we won't struggle with it; it means that He took on the punishment for it. It doesn’t mean that we don’t to try to overcome it; it means that we can conquer it with His help.  

We don’t need to hide hangups, shortfalls, and struggles from people. We fall victim to the lie that being vulnerable is weak. Well, didn’t Jesus become venerable for our sake? Because Jesus was willing to be vulnerable, He reconciled the sins of this world and made an impact on creation. How much of an impact can you and I make if you would choose to say me too?

The next time you feel that you are facing a stacked team and nothing is going right. Remember that Romans 3:23 says, "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." #MeToo